Kristen & Michael

Engagement Session

Glen Echo Park // Columbus, OH

It was a perfect Saturday evening according to the weather app forecast we had been keeping our eyes on all week. Warm and overcast, with breaks of sunlight - all the yes in the world! The moment I arrived tiny droplets of rain spattered about. Being from the Pacific Northwest, I don't even notice it, but I do have the thought that if it doesn't stop soon, we would probably have to reschedule, and I knew Kristen and Michael were about 10minutes away from arriving. As luck would have it, the rain completely vanished right as they pulled up and we didn't see it again for the rest of the night. A little good luck sprinkle from mother nature always starts the session off right!

The beautiful scenery was only shared with two other parties, one we saw at the beginning of the session, and one at the end. Everything in between those encounters was in complete solitude, just me and this wonderful couple I am thrilled to photograph.

Their engagement session was fun, romantic, and one I will always remember fondly.

So looking forward to their wedding in May!